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Your Tools Must Be The Best In The Industry

If you are thinking about, or are, a student at “The Ding King Training Institute”, then you already know the power of your tools. When you attend school here at The Ding King, your tools come with the price of your education. Not just cheap tools that you will have to replace within the next six months to a year. Most companies or training schools will give you the used and barely usable tools and that’s just on loan for the classes. Once you graduate you are left with the additional expense of having to purchase your tools, this can be an expense that will set you back, way back.
Our tools here at the Ding King Training Institute are the very top of the line. Our dent repair tools are designed by The Ding King team of dent technicians, along with the input of master technicians nationwide. These are the original tools used for any type of damage on any kind of vehicle. We have a variety of lengths and diameters available and they come in your educational package.
Our tools are so above and beyond the competition that we offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee, they are corrosion resistant, color coordinated with rubber baked handles, and if you ever need or want to add to your collection, we have a Tool Room that is well stocked and ready to ship at a moments notice.
The bottom line is that when considering which school you want to go to, there’s a whole lot more than just the location or cost, your decision should be based on what you learn, from whom you are learning it, and the length of time it takes to learn it. There are ‘get rich quick’ companies that you will find online that offer a DVD and short manual, do you really think that you can learn something so strategic from a DVD? Trust me it’s not possible. Get our free catalog for more information and if you are going to invest in your future, make sure that you choose the best. The best training and the best tools.

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