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PDR Training in Spanish


Spanish PDR Training

Liza speaks Spanish fluently and manages all the accounts of Hispanic and Latin American clients for PDR training in Spanish . She also understands all aspects of learning as well as building a PDR business and she would love to hear from you. If you would like to talk to her, ask for Liza when you call, her direct number is 714-884-3356. Our bilingual instructors have more than 23 years of experience and a master’s level.
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 PDR Training in Spanish

Total Auto Appearance Repair in Spanish

​Liza is fluent in Spanish and manages all Hispanic and Latin American client accounts for PDR training in Spanish. She also understands all aspects of learning as well as building a PDR business and she would love to hear from you. If you would like to speak with her, please ask for Liza when you call, her direct number is 714-884-3356. Our bilingual instructors have more than 23 years of experience and a master’s level.


Costa MesA, California


PPF Training


SAL Vargas

PDR Training en Espanol -
Total Auto Appearance Repair

Salvador Vargas- Certified Master Instructor, California

Hello! My name is Sal and I started my career in the automotive appearance industry in 1997, where I’ve worked for the past twenty-two years in a workshop where I learned PDR and also Auto Detailing. In 1997 I joined The Ding King Training Institute and cross-trained in all Auto Appearance Repair Systems. I perform PDR training in both English and Spanish .


Dent removal without the use of bondo and paint is called Paintless Dent Repair. The process of eliminating minor dents and bumps from a car’s body panels is taught at Ding King by professional teachers with years of experience. What most customers enjoy most about the PDR Business is that it offers an opportunity for high profit margins without involving any inventory or any large investment to start. 

Many PDR professionals earn more than $100 per hour for the performance of their PDR services. There is no inventory or materials involved beyond initial training which includes a complete and professional tool package. This is what is referred to a a low overhead business with a large amount of margin on each PDR repair performed.

The Ding King Dent Repair School is here to help you on the road to success. Likewise, our Paintless Dent repair classes are designed to maximize your learning experience. They will also get you in the field fixing dents as quickly as possible. PDR classes are taught by super experienced Instructors with years of in the field experience.

We offer Paintless Dent repair classes 52 weeks a year, 5 days a week! We have been instructing Paintless Dent repair classes and PDR training courses for over 30 years. Students who have taken Paintless Dent repair classes go on to become successful technicians in the paintless dent repair business. Your success is our only interest! Whether you want to focus on becoming a specialized hail repair technician or market your dent repair skills to retail customers and used car dealers.


Your PDR Training is not spent in a classroom, but on cars; many of them. You are not going to follow a tech around on his dealer route. Nor will you be sold on training at an auction while your so-called “trainer” performs work for his wholesale accounts generating revenue for himself. How can you expect to grasp the skills associated with paintless dent repair when the instructor is not over your shoulder pushing you from lesson plan to lesson plan.

We are often asked if learning Paintless Dent Repair is easy. The honest answer is no. If it were, everyone would be doing it. However, at the Ding King Dent Repair School, you will learn in a practical PDR Training environment working on real cars. Our PDR Training will allow you to learn the art of dent removal without the use of any paint or bondo. Our course will provide the foundation to build your skills and accelerate your skill sets upon.

All PDR courses are offered in Spanish.

Feizal, Puerto Rico

Miguel, San Diego, CA - Spanish


HAnds-on Training

Senor cabrerra, Mexico - Spanish


What is the advantage learning PDR with The Ding King?EVERYTHING! The Ding King Dent Repair School is a State Licensed School and has more than 29 years of experience in teaching Paintless Dent repair courses, glue pulling and hail damage. Our training is conducted on real cars, intense and highly personalized. You will work in a variety of cars and learn to repair real world dents. We even offer ongoing certification and advanced workshops along with free review classes. Our graduates are the best in the industry and become a true success in the paintless dent repair business.

PDR Training - Course Study Plan

  • Introduction to PDR
  • Design and Use Tool
  • PDR Tool Selection
  • Use Difference Tool Tips
  • Describe All Glue Pulling and PDR Accessories
  • Theory of Paintless Dent Repair
  • Identify High and Low Points Spots
  • LED Lights and Dent Reading
  • Fluorescent Lights / Soft / Hard Line Shadow
  • Drag and Push Technique
  • Probe Tool Exercises
  • PDR Point Tool Location Exercises
  • Precision Exercises for Dent Center Location
  • How to Correctly Analyze Damage
  • Small Dent Repair
  • Vertical and Horizontal Crease Repair
  • Body Line Repairs
  • Larger metal crowns, smiles and protrusions
  • Large dents, smiles, ridges, and lip bends 
  • Heating Panel
  • Aluminum Panel Repair
  • Dings Door
  • Hail Damage
  • Estimation and Prices
  • Body Shop estimate warranty for PDR Repairs
  • Access point for each vehicle on the road
  • Under Work Braces and double panels
  • Top and side panel Repairs
  • Techniques for No-Drilling
  • Glue Pulling Using 3 Different Glue Extractors
  • Dents Texturizing
  • Combining PDR Repairs With Orange Peel
  • Wet Sanding Techniques
  • Tap Down Exercises
  • Door / Side Positioning Panel Repair
  • Crown Theory and Basic Removal
  • Metal reproduction and relieve stress from metal


In addition to offering a variety of PDR Training Programs ranging from 1-week to 12-weeks, we also offer training programs for Paint Protection Film, Auto Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Bumper Repair, Wheel Refinishing, Windshield Repair, Paint Chip Repair and other easy to learn add-on programs.

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