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Receiving hundreds of satisfied Ding King Reviews, we love knowing that our training courses are changing lives for the better. 
The Ding King Training Institute is Licensed and Approved to Operate by Several State and Federal Agencies!
Ding King has maintained an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau for 29 years and has ZERO complaints with any of the governing agencies who monitor our programs. You can’t SCAM people for their hard earned money and have the type of reputation in the industry as we do. While there are SCAMMERS and RIP OFF companies who operate out of there home garages and train in large “puppy mill” classes, you’ll find The Ding King to be concerned with your success and ability to become a skilled technician who provides a great living for their families. Ding King is a family operated company and truly has your best interest at heart!
Ding King is the #1 PDR School in the Nation and Boasts the Following:
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • PDR Training Provider for Auto Nation.
  • Training Partner for American Honda Motor Co.
  • OEM Production Line Factory Training for Tesla, Karma, BMW, Volvo & Mercedes Benz.
  • I-CAR Sustained Training Partner.
  • CTE – Career Technical Educator for High School Students Across the USA.
  • Exclusive Training for Department of Corrections.
  • NADA, SEMA, NACE and ICA Member for 29 Years.

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5on Google,Aug 06, 2021


You will learn a lot through the ding king, if you wanna learn vehicle reconditioning it is the place to go!

5on Google,Aug 06, 2021


My experience with The Ding King institute was fantastic, if you want to achieve a higher level of education in the automotive world this is your place to go! James and the other teaching staff set me up with a great foundation that’s needed in PDR and auto reconditioning, if you plan to go this route this is the school for you!

5on Google,Aug 06, 2021


Every one was really helpful and made sure I understand what we were learning

5on Google,Jul 20, 2021


just finished my 10 day course (80 hours) and I am incredibly satisfied with my experience. I did a lot of research before deciding on The Dent King institute. I searched the web for hours, I asked hundreds of people through pdr forums on Facebook and I called multiple schools and people that do pdr training and The Dent King was by far the most referred. They also had some excellent reviews from former students. I was still skeptical being there is quite an investment in general to learn PDR. I called and talked to the top 3 schools/trainers in my area. Five minutes into talking to these two different schools my mind was set on something else. So I emailed The Ding King on a Saturday. Blake from the Costa Mesa Ding king facility was by far the friendliest most helpful customer service rep, he sent me a catalog and kind of gave me the scoop of each course. Plus he called me on the weekend like 5 minutes after I emailed for details, which was super awesome because I work all week and it’s tough to talk during work hours. After talking to Blake back n fourth for about 2 weeks I pulled the trigger on the 10 day course. James Ramirez and Sal were my instructors and they are awesome techs and super down to earth guys which make learning easy. With their help you’ll be pushing dents in no time! Todd was also very helpful in the business part of PDR he’s got some solid advice on advertising and the do’s and don’t. I learned a lot in 10 days and I will definitely be back since there is so much to learn. If you want to learn PDR the right way go to The Ding King you definitely won’t regret it. The staff is great and knowledgeable and put a ton of work into helping me lay down a solid foundation for my PDR career. I’m also going to do the paint correction and Ceramic course through them. I’ll make another review after I do that.

5on Google,Jul 09, 2021


Finished my second round of PDR training! First time was great learned a lot. They have really great trainers they want you to succeed when you leave. Second time I came was even better learned even more and keep teaching what I was struggling with and guided me in the right direction. Great PDR school great people.

5on Google,May 16, 2021


The Ding King worked with me around the schedule of my family and work. I went three separate occasions to two different facilities. I bought a five week program to learn the basics of PDR. I felt like after the first week I had the perfect amount of knowledge to go home and train as much as possible before my next session. If you think a week of training or five weeks of training will make you good at PDR, you are wrong. Your own persistence and dedication to practicing makes you a good tech. The school teaches you basics , and after they see you can preform them, they move you on to the next progression. I felt that anytime I needed direction, I could ask and be directed accordingly. James, Sal, and Lee all gave me challenges that I wanted to meet. Every instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable to any questions I had. In and out of class. If you have an instructor on the phone or texting, it’s most likely because a student has reached out and they are responding. I feel the tool package covers at least one tool for each scenario a beginner will have to deal with. Everyone is different to tool preferences, but I think the rods they give you are a quality product. I am very pleased with where my training developed my skill level to. I would strongly recommend going with a good work ethic. If you want to BS through class or think this is magically going to make you a good PDR tech, PDR is not for you. Thanks to James, Sal, Lee, Cher, and Todd for all the help I received.

5on Google,May 14, 2021


The Ding King is remarkable! I highly recommend it if you intend on pursuing PDR or any other auto recon services! They can get you going with no previous experience. Great staff and facility!

5on Google,May 07, 2021


The Ding King institute was a good experience. I have to thank James and Salo for all the help and the experience. And every one else at Ding King Institute.

5on Google,Apr 27, 2021


All I can say is that Ding King has exceeded my expectations these guys are great I started in CA with James got me started and showed me everything in the beginning and then went to SC with Chase who is awesome also with everything he does! I can’t say enough about them and everyone else in the office that makes thing happen and they are helpful with everything. I highly recommend them to anyone!

5on Google,Apr 26, 2021


Great school and great instructors. Would highly recommend the Ding King to anyone interested in getting started in the industry. James, Sal, Reese, and the rest of the team are very knowledgeable and have a great approach to teaching the profession and setting you up for future success.

5on Google,Apr 24, 2021


Opened up on a Saturday for training to accommodate my schedule. Focus based one on one training. I recieved certification, equipment and the best ceramic coating product I've ever seen. Highly recommend

5on Google,Apr 23, 2021


Did 4 weeks of training total, did them 2 weeks at a time, first time I went in with 0 experience in paint-less dent repair learned a lot, it was difficult the first few days but they do a great job training you, when I left after the first two weeks I was confident doing smaller dents and I knew what I needed to do to fix a dent, but paint-less dent repair is tedious and I had a lot of practicing to do but they gave me the knowledge to do it. A few months later I went back for another two weeks, at this point I was confident pushing most dents, but on the larger dents I would struggle and they wouldn’t turn out as good as I was hoping they would, for these two weeks I got a lot of help with larger dents with high crowns, was able to finish the bigger dents to about 95% which is a lot better then what I was doing before. I was also able to talk to them about the business side of things and other ways to increase profits and I learned a lot from them again in these two weeks, if your considering learning pdr or taking any of there other courses I would highly recommend they are very helpful.

5on Google,Apr 10, 2021


Wow PDR turned out to be a lot tougher than expected but the professionals at the Ding King made my experience great and left me with the basics of PDR. PDR is a career that takes many years to master but after spending a month at their training facility I can say I know enough to push dents on my own. The staff (James, Sal and Reese) were very helpful throughout the whole month and were always available for questions and help. The training is very hands on and my brother and I appreciated that about the school. We would recommend Ding King to whoever is interested in PDR training.

5on Google,Mar 19, 2021


Amazing hands-on training with very experienced instructors. James, Sal and Reese were all friendly, knowledgeable and gave clear explanations and examples. I did the PDR-80 course, two weeks and I was amazed how much i was able to learn in just that short amount of time. I cant wait to get home and keep practicing! Highly recommend, its worth every penny

5on Google,Mar 18, 2021


Chase was awesome and I really enjoyed the whole experience learning PDR! I highly recommend attending this course for anyone interested in learning this field! This course opened my eyes to the possibilities of becoming successful while doing something that that I greatly enjoy! A++

Your Success is Our Success! With over 29 years of training experience and multiple training courses (ie Paintless Dent Repair, Ceramic Coating, and more!) The Ding King Training Institute Inc. is here to teach you everything you need to know about automotive reconditioning!
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We offer multiple week PDR Training Programs.

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