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Receiving hundreds of satisfied Ding King Reviews, we love knowing that our training courses are changing lives for the better. 

"There really is no other way to learn PDR unless you have a foundation, then it's practice and more practice. You won't have the foundation unless you come here! James and Sal are great hands on trainers who will work with you independently to make sure you et a great start in the business of PDR. Also Todd! Amazing guy to hear his start up! I plan on staying in touch!"
Ethan L.
Yelp Review
"I went to The Ding King Training Institute last year for the 2 week course. I had no experience with PDR and high hopes. Chase Clark was our instructor. He taught us about technique, tools, access, business and overall PDR training. He is very knowledgeable aobut everything PDR. Within one year, I have quit my full time job. I earned the business of 2 dealerships and do insurance claims as well. Thanks to everyone along the way within The Ding King."
John T.
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"This school is by far the most renown school fro a reason. The tools are awesome and the teachers are beyond that. James and Sal helped us with every step pushing and pulling dents. Todd, the owner of Ding King came in and gave us a marketing class that was extremely helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to make some $$$$$$. My net at my detailing shop has gone up $2,500 a month since I left the king 1.5 months ago."
Craig P.
Birdeye Reveiw
"CLASS ACT! Impressed by how down to earth and approachable everyone was from ALL the instructors to executive staff. The founder's heart is in the right place and it shows from the top down Impressive teacher to student reation, too. Obviously, doing something right to be in business for 26 years running!"
Doug C.
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Your Success is Our Success! With over 26 years of training experience and multiple training courses (ie Paintless Dent Repair, Ceramic Coating, and more!) The Ding King Trainining Institute Inc. is here to teach you everything you need to know about automotive reconditioning!

Ding King Reviews


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