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Receiving hundreds of satisfied Ding King Reviews, we love knowing that our training courses are changing lives for the better. 

The Ding King Training Institute is Licensed and Approved to Operate by Several State and Federal Agencies!

Ding King has maintained an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau for 26 years and has ZERO complaints with any of the governing agencies who monitor our programs. You can’t SCAM people for their hand earned money and have the type of reputation in the industry as we do. While there are SCAMMERS and RIP OFF companies who operate out of there home garages and train in large “puppy mill” classes, you’ll find The Ding King to be concerned with your success and ability to become a skilled technician who provides a great living for their families. Ding King is a family operated company and truly has your best interest at heart!

Ding King is the #1 PDR School in the Nation and Boasts the Following:

  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • PDR Training Provider for Auto Nation.
  • Training Partner for American Honda Motor Co.
  • OEM Production Line Factory Training for Tesla, Karma, BMW, Volvo & Mercedes Benz.
  • I-CAR Sustained Training Partner.
  • CTE – Career Technical Educator for High School Students Across the USA.
  • Exclusive Training for Department of Corrections.
  • NADA, SEMA, NACE and ICA Member for 26 Years.

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Recommendedon Facebook,Jun 04, 2020


За этой технологией будущее!!!

5on Google,May 29, 2020


Excellent staff and an excellent location. Best quality education out there. Great people very talented instructors. You can't beat the king.

5on Google,May 22, 2020


I loved my experience at The ding King very professional and fun atmosphere. Staff is easy to talk to really helpful. I enjoyed that 95% was hands on and the rest theory. James and Sal are very professional and highly experience PDR tech. Facility is clean and we'll organized.

5on Google,May 22, 2020


The campus is very clean and very nice. The staff is awesome everybody is friendly. They genuinely care about your success your not just a number. It is a top notch Training facility!

5on Google,Apr 18, 2020


Chase Clark is as good of a teacher as anyone could ask for. He is extremely good at what he does and he understands people and how to get through to them. And, the course is only the beginning. Chase is out for my success. The only way to fail after taking this course with Chase is to quit. If you really want it, Chase will get you there, without doubt!

5on Google,Apr 03, 2020


This place is amazing. Especially for anybody wanting to use the G.I. Bill. Sign-up process was made so easy by Michelle and Cher. It is very challenging it can be very frustrating but if you stick with it you’ll learn a valuable skill. Instructors are all experts James, Sal, Lee. The facility is top notch. The owner is amazing, teaches the business side. Shares personal experiences. If you apply yourself you will succeed. I couldn’t be happier with my experience at the “Ding King Training Institute”!! I’m a 38 year veteran and was a ICBM master instructor for many years!! The people at the Ding King display our Core Values in everything they do!! The best part is I have many new friends and they are always there for you even after you leave!!Thank you all.

5on Google,Mar 27, 2020


Ding king Training institute was everything I expected. The facility is state of the art. Trainers are super helpful and by your side to answer any question. They are super knowledgeable and have years of experience in PDR.

5on Google,Mar 27, 2020

The BadMofo

I am 100% satisfied with the ding king training institute. James Ramirez and sal Vargas are amazing instructors and have the patience of a saint I have no complaints. The tools, the demo cars, and overall cleanliness of the institute were amazing to learn with/in.

5on Google,Mar 27, 2020


James and Sal are excellent instructors, with over 40 years of PDR experience between them. Very polite, professional, resourceful and very knowledgeable. The rest of the staff and the president are very friendly and easy to work with. I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and my training at this state of the art institution and look forward to sending my sons and future employees. Highly HIGHLY recommend this institute to anyone who is serious about a PDR/auto reconditioning career!

5on Google,Mar 20, 2020


Awesome laid back class, Chase is a really informative and professional instructor. I had a great time training here and have good confidence to go out there and start as a PDR technician

5on Google,Mar 20, 2020


Chase is an incredible instructor..highly recommend!

5on Google,Mar 12, 2020


Just finished my training in the new Florida facility. 5/5 for everything specially the people and teachings, fully recommend Our teacher Chase was outstanding, not only his expertise and experience on PDR but also his teaching methods which made the class very enthusiastic and much more easier to learn.

Recommendedon Facebook,Mar 11, 2020


Hands down the nicest people Ive ever met!! Their number one focus is to ensure your success.. I was an Air Force ICBM instructor for many years.. These guys are professional in every way and display core values like "integrity first" every day. I am so grateful to all of them as I am getting close to the end of my training. I feel confident and prepared in every way as I venture into my new business. Thank you "Ding King" Stu!!!

5on Google,Feb 14, 2020


Very knowledgeable about pointless dent repair. All the way from Blake in corporate calling and texting me to make sure everything was handled with booked class. Gerry and Lee both helped I’m training they know their stuff and are very good about conveying how everything in the pdr process. Highly recommend this trading establishment if you are interested in learning. They really do care about what they do.

5on Google,Feb 07, 2020


Attended 5 weeks of training at The Ding King and couldn’t be happier. The training was better than I could ask for, tools were excellent, and the instructors were true experts. Lot of people think you can only learn PDR by apprenticing under a PDR tech, they’re wrong, if you want to learn PDR come to the Ding King!

5on Google,Jan 30, 2020


What an incredible experience coming down to this institute. Instructors with there vast experience and knowledge clearly shows the level of training that you get coming out of this program. They were friendly, and along with Todd and the Ding king staff provided a great school environment to learn and enjoy learning at the same time, even when pdr truly test a person patients lol. I'm happy to say that I made the right decision coming to this school and In the future when I need more training to expand the services at my shop, I will surely come back to learn from some of the best in the country, thank you Ding king for setting me up for success. Cant say enough. cheers

5on Google,Jan 30, 2020

Josh Vanden

I came to The Ding King to recieve training in PDR and was blown away. The facility and teaching exceeded my expectations and would highly recommend to anyone looking to get into PDR or any other programs they offer. The entire staff are very personable and accomadating and make the experience truly great.

5on BirdEye,Jan 28, 2020

Roy T. Little,

This is the second training facility I have attended and it far surpassed the first place I trained in every way. From the vastly knowledgeable trainers, the staff, and the owner, every aspect of my experience was handled with professionalism, friendliness, and customer service. I will recommend the Ding King to every person I know who is interested in getting into the industry. I can't say enough about the great experience from start to finish! Way to go Ding King!

5on BBB,Jan 28, 2020


This is the second training facility I have attended and it far surpassed the first place I trained in every way. From the vastly knowledgeable trainers, the staff, and the owner, every aspect of my experience was handled with professionalism, friendliness, and customer service. I will recommend the Ding King to every person I know who is interested in getting into the industry. I can't say enough about the great experience from start to finish!

5on Google,Jan 23, 2020


I have learned a lot of techniques to repair deforms . I also learn how to fix deforms with glue . The trainers was very informative and the top of there skill. They had a lot of pointers on how to go about a deform. They instilled in you to make the repairs perfect. I would recommend this school for anybody wanting to learn how to repair deforms on painted autos.

5on Google,Jan 23, 2020


I came to Ding King with no previous PDR experience. The amount of information I learned in two weeks has given my a good foundation to build my skills. The instructors definately know the trade very well and they are good at teaching their craft to students of all skill levels. I would highly recommend Ding King to anyone who wants to start in the dent repair business or advance their skills.

5on Google,Jan 17, 2020


I had no knowledge in PDR but wanted to get into it. I came down to training with Lee Roth and just finished up my training. I feel very confident in the knowledge and hands on training I got while being here to work on vehicles on my own. Top notch assistance.

5on Google,Jan 17, 2020


Lee Roth was very professional. Made us feel at home with his kindness. Helped out when needed. Gave plenty of time to practice. Highly recommend!

5on Google,Jan 17, 2020


Awesome staff, very informative and helpful. The training techniques and information were beyond excellent. I recommended Ding King to any one interested in PDR or any training services offered.

5on Google,Jan 10, 2020


As a Veteran I used my GI Bill to complete the PDR Program at Ding King. As some of you know, the V.A. isn’t the friendliest/user friendly when submitting your docs. The staff at Ding King have been more than helpful with streamlining that process. Further, the knowledge and skill I’ve developed from their instruction has been exceptional. The Instructors take their time to break down the lowest denominator until you fully comprehend. I feel absolutely grateful I came across this program and even more such a high caliber cadre of instructors.

5on Google,Jan 10, 2020


I spend 5 week on training on this 5 week I get training on PDR, wheels repair and interior repair and for be honest was amazing 5 week good technicians with good experience and good actitudes for get all this good knowledge. The staff in general help you on you development and making everything be possible getting tools and other stuff like set up hotel and transportation. The school is clean and prepared for teach you with tools and equipment. I recommend the school And I appreciate this school support veterans and give us other opportunity to shine.

5on BBB,Jan 02, 2020


I talked to Mike for about a year, slowly saving up money to enroll and asking questions along the way. Finally I made the decision in November to enroll in the DK Training 4 week course. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. There are many other “schools” or independent techs out there that claim to teach PDR but don’t provide certifications like The Ding King does. There is nothing that could compare to the professionalism, knowledge and friendliness of all of these instructors James, Sal and Lee combined. Cher also helped me get an understanding of the extra tools they have to offer and helped me choose the ones that best fit my needs and budget. This school is 5 star no doubt, what you see is what you get. All of there tools, facilities and techs are top notch and I got to see exactly what I was getting into just by watching there YouTube videos. I highly recommend this accredited training institute! I’m now certified!

5on Google,Dec 27, 2019


I come from a technical field background with 22 years experience. Always on the go to learn something new every day. Decided to learn dent repair and so called Ding King. This facility is well equipped and has excellent instructors. The staff is very friendly and makes this place and excellent place for training. Glad that I came here and would highly recommend this institute

Your Success is Our Success! With over 26 years of training experience and multiple training courses (ie Paintless Dent Repair, Ceramic Coating, and more!) The Ding King Trainining Institute Inc. is here to teach you everything you need to know about automotive reconditioning!

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