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Leasing and How It Applies To You

Lease for Profits I’m sure that there are a few that have never leased a car, if that’s you, you may have wondered what happens at the end of that lease? There are a couple of options; either you pay a balloon payment and keep the car or you have to turn it back in.

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More Reasons Why “The Ding King” Is In a League of Their Own

Providing Tools You Can Count On The Ding King Training Institute is a widely recognized superior learning experience that has a twenty year history of being the best in the industry. It’s true that others may claim the same thing or something close to it, but we have proof. Our training is competitively priced and the

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Social Marketing Strategies That Work

Starting With Social Online Strategies Creating a successful social marketing plan is very strategic and requires your attention daily. I know, most things that have to be done daily become more of a chore. However, you will need to adjust the attitude to viewing this as future money in your pocket. It takes time to

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Not All Schools Are Created Equal

Choosing the Right School is Critical for Your Success Before making a lasting decision on which school you should attend for Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) training, you need to look into the very foundation of each company offering classes. You will find some that are training via video, some that will offer a free lunch

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Pimp Your Ride

Going out on the town but your ride is cramping your style? Here’s the secret to getting your car to look as good as you need it to, affordably. You could go to a detail shop and have them put a shine on your car but if you have several small or large dents, creases,

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Paint Repair

How To Price Your Services

Pricing your services is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy auto appearance repair business.  While every business wants to be competitive, you don’t want to price yourself out of the ballpark, nor out of business. Therefore, you should always consider all factors before developing a pricing proposal for any customer, particularly if you’re

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