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Not All Schools Are Created Equal

Choosing the Right School is Critical for Your Success

Before making a lasting decision on which school you should attend for Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) training, you need to look into the very foundation of each company offering classes. You will find some that are training via video, some that will offer a free lunch each day, and some are not licensed to train, which should be a deal breaker. Basically this means that after you complete their program you will get a Certificate but it will have no more value than if you went onto your own computer and generated it yourself. Without a true license to teach and develop PDR Technicians, your education will be compromised. Without the governance of a license, a school can hire Technician Trainers with only a little more experience than you currently have. If everything is based on false pretenses then your future in this industry is also. This is a perfect example of being set up for failure.
Don’t fall prey to the fluff in the advertisement meant to get your attention. The Ding King Training Institute is the only licensed training facility in the country. In addition, the owner and all trainers have a proven track record for the many years they have into this industry. The school has eighteen-plus years of success which means a ton of experience in the field consulting and educating trainees and graduates who are developing a new and exciting automotive appearance repair business.
Only the best will do when looking to start a career and the best is all you will get at The Ding King Training Institute. We have classes starting all of the time and people you can talk to for further assurance and assistance, even the owner is accessible to you. Make the call, we’re right here waiting for you.  1-800-304-3464

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