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PDR Technicians: Have You Heard Of NAPDRT? Part II

So now let’s talk about their vision. Their vision is to: 1. Provide a platform where individual PDR Technicians can come together to address the ever changing challenges of the PDR Industry and once a consensus is reached, to speak with one united voice that addresses these critical issues within our industry. 2. Continually educate

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PDR Technicians: Have You Heard Of NAPDRT? Part I

This is the National Alliance of Paintless Dent Repair Technicians (NAPDRT). This is an outside organization that you can join that is there to support each Paintless Dent Repair Technician. In fact, this is how they describe themselves and their intention: The NAPDRT is a Not for Profit organization that was started by quality PDR

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Paintless Dent Repair

The Ding King Training Institute Offers Help Beyond Training

Ding King is committed to your success before, during, and after graduation. During your courses you will learn not only from the leading school in the Automotive Reconditioning Industry, but you will also learn how to present yourself as a business professional. The covered topics range from your grooming to what to wear and how

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Paintless Dent Repair

Another Idea For Effective Marketing

When sitting down to consider your options for marketing, you need to include a website with a Blog. As I have mentioned in other Posts, if you’re not online then you’re nothing. It’s no longer acceptable for a business to choose not to have a website. It absolutely makes no difference even what business you

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Bobbing and Weaving Hailstorms

Hailstorms are scary, one minute you’re driving along and it’s raining, then it’s raining really badly, then suddenly you begin to hear the little pellets tink, tink, tink. That’s not so bad, then they get louder and begin to bang against the windshield. You and every other driver is racing, trying to find an underground

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Paint Polishing: How To Make Money One Shine at a Time

Sadly, some cars just need a makeover, a facial that ends up returning the car to its natural factory release luster. It’s not often that it’s just a little shine that a car needs, usually there are dents that need to be removed as well. You can easily up-sell your services by pointing out to

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Odor Removal

Odor Removal: How Much Can You Make Getting the Stink Out?

Odors come from all styles and shapes. Children spill their sodas, french fries, and leave their leftovers behind. These leftovers get between the upholstery and all over the carpet and sit there, turning all sorts of colors until they reach the ultimate ripe smell and color of green and black. These are those smells that

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