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PDR Technicians: Use Photo's And Video's To Tell Your Story When Blogging Part III

So now you know that picture’s and video’s are a quick and easy way to reach out to your customer’s and show them what it is you do, and what it can do for them. Your marketing efforts are rewarded far more than you can possibly imagine. One customer shares your information with five friends and each of them with five friends and so on and so forth. Your marketing efforts will yield more responses when you are more human and someone that understands their needs.
Tip: You need to be sure that with each and every picture or video of yours, that you add the link at the bottom description so that anyone can go directly to your site’s landing page or product page. You have absolutely no way of knowing how far and wide your post will go, so you must plan for anything and everything. You guarantee that no matter where it ends up, your website is just a click away.
There’s an old marketing saying that says “Sometimes, when you try to reach everyone, you end up reaching no one”.  When marketing and building your business, you must know who you are targeting. Do you live in a town where the elderly live, like Miami Beach? If the elderly will be your target then be sure to be very tasteful and respectful. If you are in a town that is predominately men, then gear your words and pictures so that they appeal to them. Please don’t ever use suggestive pictures, no matter what demographic you are targeting. Having your girlfriend pose in a bikini will only serve to alienate you from the larger group of women and seniors. You must be tactful in all that you do and never allow your ambition to cloud your judgement.
There you have it, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us Paintless Dent Repair School.

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