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PDR Technicians: How Do You Think? Inside Or Outside Of The Box? Part IV

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I have given you some pretty good information but this last bit I am really excited about. I’m hoping you don’t live in my area because I am making a mint off of this idea and I wouldn’t want to lose any of these accounts. However, I am willing to take that chance because this idea is just too good to leave bottled up.
This idea came to me quite naturally because of my CDL (Commercial Drivers License). I have worked driving big a luxury buss and limousines. In addition, the company I worked for had a fleet of vans and shuttles. When I finished school, I went to them almost the minute I got home. Instead of jumping on this idea I had to be patient while developing my brochures, business cards, and website. Also needed were contracts and disclaimers. Finally, the day came when I was ready to go. I practiced everyday what I would say, these were after all people that I knew. I also knew that they sent their work out to body shops, even for the smallest of dents. You too will need to do your homework, ensuring that the company doesn’t have an in house body shop and that they were in fact sending out their work and therefore paying top dollar.
Plan on having to do a few dents for free to prove your talent. I had to even though I knew them. This is a business after all, both of you need to feel that you are getting a deal. You may want to research how much a body shop charges for dents and how they come at that fee. This will give you plenty of information to use in your meeting. Throw together some charts with designs and columns providing a comparison. Really be ready to share and show what you can do for them and how you can save them money. Trust me this worked for me and it can work for you to. Are you completely out of the box yet? My guess would be yes. Go make some money.

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