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Paint Polishing: How To Make Money One Shine at a Time

Sadly, some cars just need a makeover, a facial that ends up returning the car to its natural factory release luster. It’s not often that it’s just a little shine that a car needs, usually there are dents that need to be removed as well. You can easily up-sell your services by pointing out to your client that polishing their care won’t remove the dents, it just makes them shiny dents and in fact draws attention to them. If they only have a few small dents, then offer them a package deal. Tell them that it would only cost an additional $30 to remove those tiny dents. Of course the amount is up to you and will change with every vehicle as no two are the same. Up-selling should be a very real and plausible way to rake in extra money. Look for ways to add to the customers experience by quickly summing up what they want done and what they don’t know they want done. Developing this skill alone will remove you from the norm and cause you to be truly exceptional, even extraordinary.
Paint Polishing is compared to detailing a car and this particular class compliments the SMART Paint Repair package. You will be able to repair such things as scratches, oxidation, swirl marks, over spray, and any paint flaws found on the vehicle. How much can you make? For your Retail customers you will charge $75, for your wholesale customers, like Used Car Dealerships, you can charge $50. The cost of your supplies is $3. So for one vehicle, it should take you n longer than 30 minutes. So let’s say you do two cars for a total of one hour, you would ear $150 then minus the cost of supplies, you would profit $144 for an hours worth of work. Not bad right?
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