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How Important is Social Media to Collision Repair? Part II

social media
Now as to the importance of social media. Is it an excellent selling tool? Can you increase the interest in your services? Can you actually land several new accounts/clients? Unequivocally, YES!  Back in the day you paid someone to advertise your business. You would use the newspapers and it would be as simple as writing a little note on what you would like your advertising to say and you were done. This is not the formula today.
For a small business to compete and survive, you must use social media. You must actively choose to make your mark and you must get involved. Your participation is key to your success. Don’t be alarmed though, once you get yourself set up, the amount of time that you spend online is, or should be, minimal. It’s all about building your brand and the only way that you can do that is to get it out there. You can have the most amazing flashing neon sign in front of your shop but if you aren’t online, you’re missing the mark. Neighbors will recognize the sign as being a flashing nuisance but your goal is to reach people outside of your immediate neighborhood. You could however use that nuisance of a sign as a marketing tool. It could be “The Home of the Most Annoying Neon Sign.” Using what has been an eyesore for others could in fact be the selling point online. These are your marketing tools, use them to your advantage.
The only effective way to reach the Millennials is to reach out to them on social media. You can say with certainty, that nearly 100% of this generation are online. If they can’t find you on social media or through a website, then you don’t exist. These are looking for the social media savvy.

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