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Hailstorms, PDR Technology And Training Have What In Common? You! Part II

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So, when did Paintless Dent Repair first enter the collision repair market? Well the answer is in no way as simple as the question. There are many that feel it was over fifty years ago and then others will guess twenty. The concept has been around longer than the actual training and true PDR technology launching. The biggest difference from a conventional body shop is that PDR technicians don’t grind on the filling of choice. The actual timing of the PDR craze really blossomed in the 1980’s and has been on fire ever since. The trade shows began to celebrate the onset of this new industry but body shops were frozen in pure disbelief. Very few took the entire concept seriously and basically snubbed the entire idea. They didn’t believe that this would go anywhere and were too busy to give it anymore thought. Surprise!!
There were many, many new independent companies that began to pop up all over the place; Car dealerships, used car lots, billboard advertising and so much more. The advertising was obviously designed to educate the public on this new found niche industry. While the body shops were intent on ignoring this niche, many multi-line service companies and franchises solidified their positions in the marketplace. They were proving the ability to complete the work professionally within, in most cases, a day or less. They were just simply quicker and far more convenient as they could come to the customer’s home or place of employment.
The on fact that became exceedingly clear was that it takes a special person to be able to do the work successfully. Not only must you be trained but you also must have a considerable amount of patience. This, like sense of urgency, cannot be taught. You are either a patient person or you’re not.

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