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How You Can Get Your Business Up And Running In Less Than 7 Days (Cont.)

This is the final post for the above subject and will help you to finish up what you need to do to get your business up and running.
5.  Day Five – Setting your business to run in many directions while you are in one is frustrating and daunting. You have so many places you need to be at one time and you just know you’re going to fail. I read a brilliant story of an entrepreneur that stood up to the fear of failure and hired a couple of interns to do his footwork for him. He actually found them on Craigslist. One would manage all of the marketing collateral and the other on operations. Both worked from different coffee shops and together helped to get the most out of social media and passing out flyers while the other put together the logistics of their operations. The owner spent his time at the kitchen table doing his part. He figured out how to conquer his fear of failure and embrace the fact that not all things can be done alone.
6.  Day Six – Start Selling, now you are going to need to get out there by taking advantage of the interns including friends and family. You can actually get yourself setup with new clients before you ever officially launch your business. How? Go to events such as car shows, find the car clubs and attend their monthly meetings, go to used car dealerships and let them know your here. Offer a special coupon if they refer two or more cars.
7. Day Seven – Now is the time that you set up all of the pretenses expected by the general public. For example: create your website, create several emails such as info@, sales dept@, and so many more. You simply fake it till you make it.
8.  Bonus Day Eight – Now you need to tie it all together. You may have to start very early and end very late while taking on the actual work, promoting, going to events and sending out flyers. You will find that after a few weeks of this insanity, you may need to cut back on social media a bit to get the money rolling in. It will all become very clear to you very soon. Good Luck.

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