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What Do Body Shop Owners Really Think About PDR Technicians? Part VI

Another thought from a body shop owner is that in his analogy he feels that PDR is like plastic body filler, there’s a place for it, but don’t abuse it or use it as a fix-all. Well this makes sense, right?
The one resounding message from body shop owners is that you have to have done quite a few cars to be good at Paintless Dent Repair. This is why they only farm their work to technicians that have been in business for quite a while. What you have to offer, over an older more seasoned technician if you are just starting out, is new information and education in the industry. If these older technicians don’t make it their business to keep up on industry changes and additions, then they are missing the opportunity to learn to do a job more efficiently with better tools and equipment.
You’re lucky in that the Paintless Dent Repair School is committed to keeping you on the inside of changes in the industry by affording you the opportunity to learn from these ongoing blogs. We are dedicated to our students and their success and will work very hard on being ahead of industry growth and its trends. So, if you are on the fence about signing up for school and then being abandoned at the end of classes, you can let go of that fear because we are not going to build you up with education and then stand by idly while you take a nose dive. Your success is our success. So much so that we even sign you up for our Nationwide Retail Referral Network. There is no company in its right mind that would offer this if the students that are being turned out are even a fraction less than knowledgeable and professional. We stand behind you from the beginning until the end. Please give us a try and let us prove our loyalty to you, our student.

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