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What Do Body Shop Owners Really Think About PDR Technicians? Part III

A lot of the body shop owners will dabble in PDR Technology without ever having taken any classes. They would agree that without the one on one schooling their efforts are nothing more than that, an awkward effort to do what the experts do. Unanimously, the owners agree that they would never feel that they could charge for these services because they are less than good. These will leave it up to the ones that practice this skill full time.
One body shop owner even attended a class, not ours, and has his tools but feels that he could still not do the work. It’s a good thing that when our PDR Technicians graduate from school they are up and ready to  start their business immediately, and with confidence. If the owner should crack the paint, the car has to go in for a full repair costing the body shop owner far more money than it would have cost in time to call a true PDR Technician.
Many of the body shop owners that have or service high end vehicles like Porsche, Audi, BMW and others, will not use PDR Technicians. Not because they can’t handle the job, but because the caliber of the cars and their owners, are more difficult to please. There is still a lack of trust in this infant PDR niche industry so this perception may change in the future.
These body shops that work on high end vehicles feel that PDR Technicians would be more successful if they were to work on used car lots where there are a number of used cars that have many or few dents and belong to car owners who don’t hold their cars in such high regard.
So as you can tell, the jury is still out among body shops overall. Follow me to Part IV and we will dig deeper into the psyche of body shop owners.

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