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Adding Paintless Dent Repair to Your Dealership?

The More You Learn, The More You Earn

If you own a dealership you should consider adding a NEW profit center and start generating additional revenue by adding on Paintless Dent Repair, Scuffed Bumper Repair, Windshield Repair and more. Adding this to your dealership is easier than you think. You already have the staff, just pick an employee that you would like to have professionally trained. Why not add revenue by working with the customers with cars that are already lined up in your service drive? It’s simple to up-sell your customers on auto appearance services when you’re already in the process of reviewing the condition of their car.
Depending on the training you choose to send your selected employee to learn, you could up-sell things like paintless dent repair services after a hail storm or a minor fender bender. You could also offer paint repair using waterborne technology for Small Micro Area Repair Technology (SMART) and you can be sure that your dealership is 100% AQMD compliant. The system includes everything required for your technician to repair paint chips, scuffed bumpers and other types of paint repairs you often see.
Then there is windshield repair services which rids the annoying chip in the windshield. Our Windshield Repair System is easy to use and includes all the tools you’ll need. Next, I’m sure you have clients that come in for maintenance for their cars and they have curb rashes on alloy wheels or dinged or scraped alloy wheels. You can now refinish these in less than an hour. Our alloy wheel refinishing system is a complete easy to use package that includes training and supplies. It is turn-key and an extremely profitable add-on.
You can add any of these services any time you are ready just by giving us a call. There are classes starting soon. 1-800-304-3464

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