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Why Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is The Preferred Method and best option for Hail Damage Repair

Let’s face it, hailstorms are a common occurrence in many parts of the country. They can wreak havoc and leave lots of damage to vehicles, leaving behind a trail of a quarter to golf-ball-sized dents on every panel. That’s why insurance companies worldwide have recognized Paintless Dent Repair as the “Preferred Method” of repair for hail damage. At The Ding King, we provide specialized hands-on Hail Repair Training and Paintless Dent Repair Courses to prepare you for offering dent repair services so you can repair hail-damaged vehicles and tap into this rapidly growing market in the auto industry.

We are looking for quality PDR Hail Technicians to join our Hail Squad in Dallas TX. Email Todd@TheDingKing.com for details.

Avoid Body Shops and Maintain Your Vehicle Value with High-Quality Repairs and Our Cost-Effective PDR Process

Our Paintless Dent Repair courses cover everything from generating hail accounts to pricing for both retail and insurance, and we can even guide you toward the latest hail storms. With our training, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become a quality PDR technician, understand how to use the specialized tools, way to repair the damage and join the ranks of highly skilled professionals working at all levels of the PDR industry.
Hail damage claims have been on the rise in recent years, with an 84 percent increase from 2020 to 2022. Over four million hail damage claims were processed between January 2020 and December 2022, with the top five states generating claims being Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. Hail storms during this period caused billions of dollars worth of damage across the country, with the Colorado storms of June 2012 alone causing over $1 billion worth of damage.
Has your car been hit by hail? Thankfully as a vehicle owner, you can get your car back on the road quickly after hailstorms without having to go to the auto body shop to get a new paint job or decrease the value of your vehicle. Paintless Dent Repair is the best and most cost-effective option for hail repair. In many cases, it’s as easy as getting a free estimate, where a certified technician can give your car an inspection before your car looks as good as new again.

This is why PDR is The Preferred Method and best repair option for Hail-Damaged Vehicles

Reasons why Paintless Dent Repair has become the preferred method of repair for hail damage for several reasons. Here are the benefits of using Paintless Dent Removal over the traditional dent repair process:


Paintless Dent Repair is the most efficient way to repair hail damage and is generally more cost-effective compared to traditional repair methods. With PDR, there is no need for extensive bodywork or repainting, which can be expensive. Instead, skilled technicians can manipulate the metal from behind the panel to restore it to its original shape, eliminating the need for costly materials and labor.


PDR is typically a faster process compared to traditional repairs. Skilled technicians can efficiently remove hail dents utilizing specialized tools and techniques without the need to use harmful chemicals, use body filler, or wait for lengthy drying times for paint to cure. This allows for quicker turnaround times, getting vehicles back to their owners sooner while they save money. PDR is the fast and efficient way to take your vehicle from damage to fixed without the need for sanding and doesn’t require high labor costs.

Preserves original paint

PDR is a non-invasive technique that preserves the original factory paint finish. With no need for repainting, the risk of color mismatches or overspray is eliminated. This ensures that the vehicle maintains its original appearance and retains its resale value. It’s also the best method from traditional methods for fixing dents and creases due to its convenience, affordable price, and high-quality results that ensure your car’s back into its original shape.

Environmentally friendly option

PDR is considered a more environmentally friendly repair method. Since there is no use of fillers, chemicals, or paint, it reduces the generation of harmful waste products associated with traditional repairs. Using specialized tools makes PDR a greener choice for hail damage repair.

Retains value and keeps your car looking like new

By preserving the original paint and finish, PDR helps maintain the value of the vehicle. Traditional repairs that involve repainting can affect the originality and authenticity of the vehicle, potentially lowering its value. PDR allows for a seamless repair that keeps the vehicle in its original condition.

Overall, PDR process involves using specialized tools to work the metal panels to massage the dents into their original shape without using harsh chemicals. Offering a cost-effective solution, time-efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for repairing hail damage and maintaining the vehicle value. Its ability to preserve the original paint and retain the value of the vehicle makes it a preferred choice for both car owners and insurance companies.
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Todd Sudeck

Todd Sudeck is an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in Paintless Dent Repair and Auto Reconditioning. He is the founder and President of The Ding King Training Institute and is widely recognized as the "King" of this specialized field. His expertise and leadership have set the standard for excellence in the industry, making The Ding King Training Institute the go-to destination for those seeking to learn from the best.

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My name is Todd Sudeck, I’m the founder and President of The Ding King Training Institute. I want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about The Ding King Training Institute and tell you a little about how I got started.

After getting a dent in my car and taking it to the body shop for a quote, I figured I’d give it a try myself, as the thought of painting my brand new car made me ill. I took my Snap On screwdriver and wrapped the tip with lots of duct tape and tried to pop the dent out, all with no luck. My neighbor was watching me and told me about a PDR tech that he used. I called him up and watched a trained professional take the dent out in less than 10 minutes, saving me a few hundred dollars. All I can remember thinking was “that didn’t look so hard” and “I could make a lot of money doing that.”

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