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When Considering Your PDR Career Be Financially Practical

“The Ding King Training Institute” offers its students an amazing package deal when taking the Total Recon Training. With package one, two and three you are provided your Airfare, Hotel and Shipping. You also are enrolled in our Nationwide Retail Referral Network. So now you know that your actual training expenses are covered except of course your meals and beverages.
So what happens once you graduate? Before you ever set out to begin your training, you will need to be sure that you have enough saved to cover your housing for the next three months. This is a generous amount of time for you to get your business up and going and to the point of supporting you. This time can be cut considerably depending on the time you are willing to put into it. You are technically suited to start your work the minute you walk out of your training courses, but you need to be financially practical just in case.
You will need the time to work your area, letting your presence be known, perhaps doing a couple if not more free work for family so that you can get some practice in and take pictures of the before and after shots. These will go a long way in the convincing process and your potential clients need not know that these are pictures of your families cars.
So say you’re a go getter, unless you set up jobs while you were in school for when you graduate, you will have to figure that it will take you at least a month to get on your feet. So you know you have to cover your expenses for at least a month. Save your money or pay your bills in advance, but whatever you do, be financially practical and realistic about your expectations. Most of all, be patient. You will be forever grateful for many years to come.

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