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Becoming A PDR Technician: Excellent Profits

If you’re considering becoming a PDR Technician then you are definitely on the right track. A Paintless Dent Repair business can not only provide you with an amazing income stream but it will put you in an industry that is only just coming into itself. The possibilities are endless. The various streams within the PDR industry are also endless. As an example It starts with PDR Dent Repair then on to SMART Paint Repair, Interior Repair, Alloy Wheel Repair, Windshield Repair, Auto Detailing, Paint Polishing, Odor Removal, and Headlight Renewal. Any investment that you make into your education will come back to you much faster than any other industry out there.  The main reason for this is that the actual product being used is pennies to a dollar. Let’s take a brief look at the profit margins so that you understand why this industry is a sure bet:
Headlight Renewal – Takes about fifteen minutes to do both, you charge $55, and it costs you $2 for materials. This is almost pure profit.
Windshield Repair – Takes about twenty minutes, you charge $55, and it costs you $1 for materials.
Alloy Wheel Repair – Takes you thirty minutes, you charge $150, and it costs you $5 for materials.
Paintless Dent Repair – Takes you ten to thirty minutes, you charge $125, and it costs you nothing.
These are only a few comparisons but should be enough to convince you that this industry has nowhere to go but up. You set your own hours, you answer to no one but yourself, your money is your money, and as you get faster and more efficient you can choose to do two jobs a day or work really hard to get all of your quota done within three days so that you can take four days off. Your school loan will be paid off in no time and the rest is just gravy.
Hopefully, I’ve caught your attention. If so, go online now and get your free catalog for “The Ding King Training Institute” and let us help you with your life changing career goals.

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