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What To Watch For When Seeking The Right PDR School

We at “The Ding King Training Institute” don’t find it necessary to make false statements about other schools. There’s no advantage to putting down other schools to get ahead. We stand behind our training and are confident that our license to train Paintless Dent Repair techniques is persuasive enough. There are those however, that will say any type of falsehood about other schools to gain students. We find the practice unnecessary and borders on bullying. This isn’t a new technique and most of us know better that to fall for such tactics. Still, there will be those that will buy into the hoopla and find themselves in a situation they will regret.
Here at “The Ding King Training Institute” we don’t work like this. We find nothing impressive with these bullying types and do everything in our power to ignore them and not respond or react to them. You will need to recognize these harassing tactics and steer clear of their influence on your decisions. Your decisions should be based on facts not on false accusations.
We don’t need any hype or bullying to make a point about our training campus. We deliver on our promises and won’t leave you hanging at any time before, during, or after your training. We have a proven successful track record and stand behind our word and our training.

We customize our training around our students because everyone is different in their learning abilities. this is an art form that takes time to perfect. You will learn to understand tool usage and when to push the envelope and challenge yourself to reach a new level. Because this is an art form, you will need to appreciate every nuance of your training. You will also need to learn to be patient, pace yourself and what you learn will stick.

You can trust our training and can be confident that we are in this for you. We don’t have to make false accusations to prove our worth and we invite you to call us, ask any questions, and then sign up. With the best.


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