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TOTAL RECON: A Profitable Business with Low Overhead

I’ve assisted a lot of small business owners develop a one-stop-shop auto appearance business with The Ding King’s TOTAL RECON package and believe it to be one of the lowest overhead businesses available! Being able to operate on either a fixed or mobile basis certainly lends itself to having a low overhead. Top that with minimal supply usage and all the services being pure labor and it’s an exciting business opportunity.
Diversification, usually referred to in terms of an investment approach, is one of the benefits of offering customer a total reconditioning solution.  A good well balanced portfolio or in this case, a diversified offering of services and it will help you capture more business and capitalize on your different customers specific needs.
Paintless dent removal, paint repair, windshield repair, wheel refinishing, interior repair, odor removal and paint polishing are all specialized services that have their own unique market.  But they all fall under the heading of TOTAL RECON or auto appearance repair.  They also share many of the same qualities that make them profitable.  One main ingredient in there success to providing a good profit is the low overhead.   PDR for example cost very little to perform.  There is an initial investment of tools and training to acquire the skill, but after that you are selling your ability to perform the repair with little or no materials.  In other words, you are selling your labor!
Another contributing factor to the low overhead is where the services can be performed.  All of the above mentioned services can be done on a mobile basis.  This makes the need for shop space unnecessary.  Most often to find good usable space that fits a businesses needs and is in a good location to help pay for itself can be quite expensive. Total reconditioning can be done out of a small van or truck easily.
TOTAL RECON is also inexpensive to market. Simple yet effective marketing can quickly grow this business without the need for a large percentage of the budget going to advertising.
Last but not least, is the low cost to maintain equipment and supplies. Most the TOTAL RECON services use equipment that doesn’t where out and likewise is easily maintained.  This is unique to these services.  Usually a specialized service requires very expensive and specialized tools, or to keep up with technology, you have to repurchase equipment regularly.
All in all, TOTAL RECON is an attractive automotive business opportunity. Being able to be versatile and have a low operating cost make it a unique opportunity.
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