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Tag: Ding King’s paintless dent repair trainers are quality PDR technicians and certified dent removal instructors that have an arsenal of wealth and experience in all facets of paintless dent repair

How to Make Twitter a Marketing Winner

Tweeting For Business Twitter has a life of its own as I am sure you have noticed on the news and in every celebrity blog out there. This is a very public environment and every word that flows from your head to your fingertips can be damning and irreversible. Tread carefully through this minefield. Fortunately, you

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Paint Repair

How To Price Your Services

Pricing your services is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy auto appearance repair business.  While every business wants to be competitive, you don’t want to price yourself out of the ballpark, nor out of business. Therefore, you should always consider all factors before developing a pricing proposal for any customer, particularly if you’re

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