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Social Marketing Strategies That Work

Starting With Social Online Strategies

Creating a successful social marketing plan is very strategic and requires your attention daily. I know, most things that have to be done daily become more of a chore. However, you will need to adjust the attitude to viewing this as future money in your pocket. It takes time to develop a good following. The type that you want are the ones that will tell a friend or family member so be sure to always leave a few cards, even a card with a magnet for their refrigerator. This too is marketing. Your business will have some residual value but your greatest value will be in the development of client relationships.
So back to social marketing. You will need to create a professional business account with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. These three are the trifecta of online success. Let’s take one at a time:
While Facebook has been seen as a fun socializing site, you will need to take this more seriously. If your personal Facebook account is racy or suggestive you will need to shut it down. There is absolutely no way that you will be able to clean it up enough not to count. While you will lead your clients to your business site, they will (and I guarantee this) Google your name and check it out. Other things you should be doing on Facebook is adding stories of your success, perhaps before and after pictures. Be sure to get the client’s permission before doing this and as a safety measure, be sure to cover up their license plates when visible.
This is an amazing spot for business but you must remain active to make this work for you. You may even consider hiring a writer to develop your Professional Profile. Be sure to include all your skills and also mention how long you’ve been in the PDR business.
This would be a great place to offer tips with regards to how to get their car’s dents, dings and creases repaired through PDR. If you offer a full package with many types of services then you will include 140 character messages about all of them.
These are the basics of the Trifecta. We at Ding King will cover the how to on each in coming posts. Stay tuned.

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