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How to Set Up LinkedIn for Business

An Excellent Business Source

LinkedIn hands down is the best connection for businesses. It is a completely different environment than that of Facebook and Twitter. You have the affluent business owners to those with skills looking for a job. In both categories, and everything in between, you will find educated, respectful messages and responses. This site is for those that are serious about business. You won’t want to put before and after pictures here, this is not the site for that. Now you can send anyone who shows an interest over to your Facebook account, that’s acceptable.
LinkedIn has Groups that you can join that are both in the PDR industry and that would be most likely to look for someone with your particular expertise, like a car dealership, body shop or even antique car enthusiasts. The possibilities are endless.
As mentioned for Facebook, you will want to hire a writer to create a very polished Professional Profile. Writers know how to strike a balance between important company building Keywords and clear and concise content. This is one profile where winging it will not work so for your sake, invest in a writers services.
Having a LinkedIn account instantly puts you in professional standing, it gives you immediate clout. As long as you keep it professional with no playing around, you will do great.
Your LinkedIn account should be updated on a regular basis. This is one that once you have set it up you really don’t need to constantly post to stay in the game. I would make a habit of checking it once a week or so and add new groups often. In addition, when you have secured an agreement with your customers, I would go and look to see if they too are on LinkedIn and send a friend request. Each friend that you add will increase your professional presence. Give it a try and go to the Twitter and Facebook posts to increase your knowledge and online footprint.

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