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How to Set Up Facebook for Business

It’s Easier than You Think

Setting up a business account using Facebook is pretty simple. You probably have a personal account already so the exact beginning steps you know, if not then just follow Facebook’s directions. What I want to cover is what you do with it once it is open. First, in case you did not read this on other posts, you will need to delete your personal account if it is racy or vulgar in any way including if there are any political rants, or ex-wife or girlfriend bashing. Hopefully you know what acceptable behavior is and what isn’t. I can guarantee you that if a person seeks your services they are going to want your full name and business name, why? Because they are going to Google you before they let you come to their house.
On Facebook, you have Pages that you can set up. On your new Facebook account, create a Page dedicated to your business and start stocking it with pictures of before and after shots of clients’ cars. You will need to get their permission first so plan on having some kind of disclaimer/permission form ready to be signed. You should also be taking pictures of every car beginning with the first car on.
You will need to design or have someone else design a banner for the top of your Page (you may want to consider PDR Marketing Professionals for all of your marketing needs). You will also need to consider hiring a writer to develop your Professional Profile. The more professional you are the more likely your client will build trust and be willing to share your information with others.
Remember that each car you work on, you will want to leave the owner/client with a few of your business cards and one that sticks to the refrigerator. Offer a discount to the customer for each person they send that ends in a successful sale. The ideas go on and on, so be sure to come back to our Blog for more.

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