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When Selling A Vehicle: The Inside Should Look As Great As The Outside

A customer can make as many fixes to the outside of a vehicle to prepare it for sale, and sure, this is where the first impression comes into play. However, if you have a great looking shiny vehicle that screams of a fabulous first impression, keep in mind that the second impression is also just as important. If your potential buyer looks on the inside and discovers one burn mark after another, stains on the seats, headliner ripped to shreds, and carpets rolled and stain ridden, well I can just about guarantee you that you lost the sell. News Flash! The inside MUST match the outside.
For your new business, you will want to take before and after pictures and ask the used car dealerships to take a look at an amazing looking car on the outside but a tragic mess on the inside. Find out what kind of an affect that has on the sales. By what percentage does that not only drop the value but drop the sales. You should be sharing your talent with the dealerships and the car clubs, muscle car enthusiasts, and then the average Joe who is trying to put as little money into their car to prepare it for resell.
What you could charge, depending on the extent of the damage, is a bench price of $85 and a wholesale price of $45. Your cost of materials is $3 and the work for the average repair is 30 minutes. These numbers go up and down depending on the job, for example, if you are having to repair or replace the headliner, well that would be a very big job. Fixing the armrest or the dashboard may take very little time so you may want to swing the other way.
The Interior Repair Industry is a very large market with massive profit potential. This service would be used by car owners, motorcycle owners, RV’s, trucks and so much more. Interior Repair, when coupled with PDR or by itself is an excellent way to build an automotive reconditioning business. “The Ding King Training Institute”, call us.

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