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More Reasons Why “The Ding King” Is In a League of Their Own

Providing Tools You Can Count On

The Ding King Training Institute is a widely recognized superior learning experience that has a twenty year history of being the best in the industry. It’s true that others may claim the same thing or something close to it, but we have proof.
Our training is competitively priced and the opportunity for a school loan is available to all students in need. The application for the loan is online right on our website and takes no more than five minutes to complete.
At The Ding King Training Institute we have the most advanced technology applied to our tools. These aren’t tools that you borrow until you leave so that now you have an additional cost before you can start working on vehicles. These tools are yours and included in the cost of your course. Best of all, our tools are made with the latest technology and precision and have a lifetime guarantee. Proof of that is the fact that Snap-On Tools sells them to their clients. That’s a pretty huge endorsement and one that we take pride in.
As if selling them to Snap-On wasn’t enough evidence of how excellent these specialty tools are, each tool will deliver three features you’ll find that are of great importance; Quality, Dependability and Craftsmanship.
Our PDR Tools and Glue Pullers are distributed in over 19 countries, they are custom designed with 24 uniquely shaped tips, they’re heat treated stainless steel, corrosion resistant-they never rust, ergonomically designed for maximum efficiency, color coordinated with comfort gripped rubber baked handles, precision made for cars that are today’s and tomorrow’s models, and you can access all panels on every vehicle with these tools.
We carry all of these tools at all times for purchase, so if you should lose one, we are well stocked and ready to ship you a new one.
We are an all-inclusive institution that delivers on its promises and provides the very best education available.

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