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Pimp Your Ride

Going out on the town but your ride is cramping your style?

Here’s the secret to getting your car to look as good as you need it to, affordably.
You could go to a detail shop and have them put a shine on your car but if you have several small or large dents, creases, hail damage, bumper dents and more, there is no way a detail shop can take those away. They will be shinier dents and damage but not gone.
There is an affordable option that can be done while you wait in many cases. However long you wait will be worth it when you see your baby dent free. This method is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). The most affordable, pain free method of putting your car back to its showroom splendor. The method is simple but the results are amazing.
PDR is made possible through a trained and certified PDR technician, using tools that look a lot like large dental tools. Oftentimes, if the dent is in a place that can be reached easily through the back, such as behind a door panel, or fenders, it can be repaired. The process is much like a massage, the technician works from behind the panel that is damaged and gently massages the dent until it is gone. With this method, there is absolutely no damage done to your factory paint job. The results are perfection, and in no way would anyone ever know that there was ever a dent there to begin with.
If the technician cannot get to the dent from behind then a different method is used such as a “Glue Puller”. The success of this method is still the same, amazing, and your paint is not damaged in the least.
Now imagine what it would be like to be the Certified PDR Technician doing this amazing work. Request a FREE Catalog to learn more on how you can start making money in the Paintless Dent Repair business.

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