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PDR Technicians: Use Photo's And Video's To Tell Your Story When Blogging Part I

Never should you miss the opportunity to blog and tell your story. Words are plentiful informative, but nothing tells a story like pictures. We live in a very visual society as noted by the huge success of Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook who has only just become picture friendly. Even Twitter has joined the ranks and have done a great job of increasing the value of pictures and video. It’s a simple fact that our brains will process pictures 60,000 times faster than text. Your customer’s are able to decide in a matter of seconds whether they want to see more.
You should be taking before and after pictures anyway for each and every job. You should also have your website set up so that a potential client can go online and upload their pictures of their vehicle for quotes. People in general, want to see proof of your services and successes. With so many technological advances, there is absolutely no reason that you could provide that will exempt you from this process. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, would you give much value to a company that didn’t provide some sort of pictures? The only website that may be able to get away with not adding pictures would be a content type website. A website that is filled with nothing but writing. However, if I were speaking to a writer of books or a content grabbing service, I would strongly suggest that they still use pictures. It’s just good business.
In the next few Posts I will share with you how to create and use photographs to tell the story of your company and its services.  A simple tip to get you thinking; use nothing but high quality images or videos to give your business and marketing efforts life. You could even use either the pictures or video to breath life into how your services can improve their life. Now, follow me through the parts of this Post to get the entire story.

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