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PDR Technicians: Use Photo's And Video's To Tell Your Story When Blogging Part II

Before moving onto the next idea for how to use photo’s and video’s, I want to share another thought about marketing with your pictures. As you may already know, when on Twitter, you have only 140 letters and spaces. Not much room to make a point, which is why using a video or photo will give you the necessary space to finish your line of thinking for you. You want to make these items work on your behalf. Be wise when taking pictures so that you have not wasted your time but most importantly, your potential customer’s time.
Quality pictures means excellent lighting, close to the vehicle and then from far back. This way there is no question about where the dent is located before fixing it.
Now you want to share your Other story. You can share such things as your culture, or perhaps a story video taping a customer’s use of the repairs you made. Perhaps you helped recondition a classic, this would be the perfect opportunity to use this information for marketing purposes and if there is a contest involved and your customer win’s, well I hope I don’t have to tell you what an opportunity this is. Video tape this and have your cards ready to hand out to everyone. You have just become a celebrity in this reconditioned Car Club. By doing this, you are showing your new customer’s your human side. This is a deeper side of who you are, a way for your customer’s to connect with you.
Hopefully you are getting excited about what you can do with your pictures and video. You don’t have to have a TV ready video, as a matter of fact, except as it applies to taking before and after pictures, the less staged they are the more endearing they become. Follow me onto the next Post.

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