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PDR Technicians: How Do You Think? Inside Or Outside Of The Box? Part I

When working your business and hopefully finding where to gather your clients, you need to think outside of the box. If you stay inside, you will never hit pay dirt and your competition will snuff you. You don’t want to hang out where all of the other PDR Technicians hang out because suddenly you lose your leverage and get caught up in a bargaining war. Is this what you went into business for? I think not. Why spend the day hustling and trying to prove how good you are when you can go somewhere else and find people that are happy to see you? Once I tell you where to go, be smart, don’t go and share this information with your competition. This is your little secret and one that will make you plenty of money, without confrontation.
You will deal with some confrontation from this group that I am going to tell you about because they are wealthy. The wealthy are always suspicious; that is after all, how they became wealthy. They are very frugal and will want to see proof. You had better have a portfolio of before and after pictures if you want to persuade them to work with you.
The wealthy are overly concerned about their appearance and the appearance of their cars. It’s all about perception and they will do anything to keep on top of their game. So you need to ask yourself, where do these people hang out? What social clubs do they belong to? Which Beauty Salons, Golf Clubs, Theatres, Tennis Clubs, Country Clubs, Sports Clubs and anything else I am missing.
You get the picture here. These are places that you will want to set up a sign, offer to remove one small dent for free, offer to do the work while they are inside the Country Club. Arrange to page them when you have completed and make sure to be loaded down with brochures and business cards. We’ll cover more in Part II. See you there.

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