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PDR Technicians: How Do You Think? Inside Or Outside Of The Box? Part III

creative thinking
At this point you should be at least halfway out of the box. How could you not be? I’ve given you some really good ideas. Okay, maybe for some of you, hanging out at a church may be pushing it, but don’t give up. I have one more that is sure to get an eyebrow raised. Ding, ding, ding here we go.
Valet, yep I said it, Valet services are a gold mine. Only the high end cars use Valet because only they can afford to tip them and the waiter/waitress inside the posh restaurant. Valet services always have minor dent issues. How hard would it be to get in tight with the restaurant management and their services offered?  They have no choice but to fix the car dents and will need to partner with someone who will do work and stand behind it. You could even offer to not charge the restaurant or referral work through the restaurant if they are not happy with your work. If you believe in your services and your skill level, then you can afford to make such an offer.
You need to convince the Valet service that your prices are higher because the quality of your work is better than others. Oftentimes, you will discover that they may have already been working with a PDR Technician that did shoddy work, now not only do you have to sell them but also convince them that you are the best at what you do. You may even have to take out a few small dents for free for the restaurant manager. Once you get the work, it will have been worth the effort.
Before we call it a day, I have yet one more option for you to consider. Come follow me to Part IV and I will let you in on how to make more money.

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