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PDR Technicians: Have You Heard Of NAPDRT? Part II

So now let’s talk about their vision. Their vision is to:
1. Provide a platform where individual PDR Technicians can come together to address the ever changing challenges of the PDR Industry and once a consensus is reached, to speak with one united voice that addresses these critical issues within our industry.
2. Continually educate our membership about the changes, threats and economic opportunities within the industry.
3. Provide access and opportunities to attain low cost Group Benefits such as health and business insurance for our members.
4. Provide continuing educational opportunities and CEU credits to our membership, Insurance companies and others that may benefit from further education about the PDR Industry.
5. To help to set and maintain the highest standards of quality possible by our member technicians and the PDR Industry in general.
They offer a Technician site that you as a Technician goes to sign up and get your services listed. Then they also offer the flip side of that account where the customer can get educated on what a PDR Technician is and if they have been mistreated or cheated by one, how to reclaim their money. Full of documents to fill out and where to send your complaints. Also included on the customer site is a finding section that assists the customer in finding a PDR Technician in their area.
They also have a Code of Ethics that they are expected to follow. They also offer a sidebar that explains what Paintless Dent Repair is, FAQ’s regarding the industry, and examples of bad PDR work.
It’s important that you understand that as a school we do not support this organization monetarily. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have some useful information. What it does mean is that if you decide to join this group/organization, you do so at your own risk. Pay attention to everything said and don’t believe anything before examining it. These are the standard business common sense but we are obligated to mention it. The last thing to mention is that their annual membership is $100, be sure that you are getting your monies worth.
Questions? Paintless Dent Repair School.

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