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Odor Removal: How Much Can You Make Getting the Stink Out?

Odors come from all styles and shapes. Children spill their sodas, french fries, and leave their leftovers behind. These leftovers get between the upholstery and all over the carpet and sit there, turning all sorts of colors until they reach the ultimate ripe smell and color of green and black. These are those smells that people just can’t put their finger on and promise they will examine the upholstery each time they enter the car, but for now, car deodorizers are just fine. How many times have you dumped your coffee or soda while driving off to work or slamming on the brakes? Do you fold the seat forward so that you can collect whatever liquid pooled in there? Not many think of this and oh, it can smell so bad! Especially if it happens to be summer and it cooked and baked itself to the seat.
You get the idea. This is a very useful service to these types of people. Also useful to smokers trying to sell their car, smoke damage from a fire, cats jumping in the vehicle overnight and peeing on the upholstery, oh the list goes on and on. Use all of these examples and more when putting together a flyer for your business, or creating business cards.
So how much can you make? Let’s break it down: If you are working with a Retail Customer $50. If you are working with a Used Car Dealership so Wholesale $30. The cost of the supplies used $1, yep, one dollar. It should take you no more than 10 minutes. So let’s pretend that you had an hours worth of work to do with different cars for retail clients, $300 then minus the cost of supplies which would be $6, you’ve made a profit of $294. Not too bad right? You can line these up all day and make money like you never thought possible.
Any questions? The Ding King is here to help.

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