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You Need to Be Vigilant About Online Marketing

Create a Plan for Success

If you have read my posts about leaving a footprint in the online jungle of our times, then you know that actively pursuing a voice for your business is not an option, as a matter of fact, it’s absolutely necessary. So how do you compete against all of the other savvy online marketing users? Why bother if they have already tapped the market of your industry? What can you say that hasn’t already been said by “Average Joe’s” PDR Specialist business?
Having a defeatist attitude will be the first thing and perhaps the hardest thing to overcome. Tooting your own horn takes practice and you can’t do it if you are a defeatist. First of all, you are entitled to be successful, why not? Here’s a practice that you can do every day until it becomes second nature for you: Imagine that your friend comes to you, desperate to be successful, and asks if you would please help them get off the ground with their business. Wouldn’t you do anything to ease your friends’ pain and go out and talk to people about their need for your friends’ product(s) or service? You would step out onto a ledge to insure his/her success and happiness. You need to be your own friend, get out of your own way and allow yourself to sell your service in the same way you would for someone else, fearlessly. Try it.
Create a checklist of your online marketing sites including your website which Ding King and PDR Marketing Professionals will help you develop. You can create an Excel document to do this if you would like. Setup daily, weekly and monthly online goals. Perhaps getting online during breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Twitter and Facebook. Make sure that you have answered all requests daily and create new Tweets and posts daily. Soon you will be revered as the ‘Go To’ person for all things PDR in your area and your client base will continue to grow as a result. Not so hard right? Watch for future posts on how to do some of this without lifting a hand. There is software for this and we will teach you how to make great use of them in upcoming posts.

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