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How to Make Twitter a Marketing Winner

Tweeting For Business

Twitter has a life of its own as I am sure you have noticed on the news and in every celebrity blog out there. This is a very public environment and every word that flows from your head to your fingertips can be damning and irreversible. Tread carefully through this minefield. Fortunately, you only have 140 letters and spaces to write in, which only serves my point that it doesn’t take much to destroy your career. Twitter is a PR nightmare when trying to clean up what someone famous has said. In truth, there is absolutely no way to fix the damage. They can only issue an apology and wait for the fallout to pass.
While it’s true that you are not among the Rich & Famous, yet, but even you can cause a huge upset and find yourself and your business sinking into an abyss. Having said all of this, don’t even consider not getting a Twitter account. It will make the socially savvy internet users question your integrity which will instantly raise red flags and cause them to wonder what you’re hiding and question whether you have a real business or if you are working a scam. It’s hard to believe but your online footprint is vital to your success, this is where the world is and where it will continue to go, so you may as well get on-board now and keep up or better, get ahead of it.
Your Tweets should reflect what your PDR business. On Twitter, most are looking for the next bright idea or something that can help them with a current issue, real or imagined. Your job is to find a solution by presenting the problem first. Use your space wisely, always respond to Tweets, engage with everyone that you can and finally, keep it close to the vest and about your company only, never using vulgar language or innuendos. Tweet safely.

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