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Leasing and How It Applies To You

Lease for Profits

I’m sure that there are a few that have never leased a car, if that’s you, you may have wondered what happens at the end of that lease? There are a couple of options; either you pay a balloon payment and keep the car or you have to turn it back in. It’s the latter that we are going focus on in this article.
The dealership expects the one who leased the vehicle to return it in the same or like new condition that it was received in. Seriously? After two or three years of continuous use, especially if the lessee had children, there is no way that the car is going to be in the same, like new condition.
Worse, if there are any dents or scratches they will have to pay the dealership the retail value of getting them taken care of. This is where your services come in. Customers would rather pay you at a lower rate to take care of their auto reconditioning than have to pay the dealership in what is called a charge back.
If the lessee takes back the vehicle to the dealership the leasing company inspects what they call “excessive wear and tear”. The cost of repairing any of this damage will be a charge back. The average charge back is somewhere around $2000 when returning vehicles. It’s practically a bench price. Often times, the damage is minor such as small dings, dents, creases, bumper scrapes and maybe some minor interior damage. Of course minor is relative and completely up to the discretion of the dealership or leasing agent. What generally happens from here is that the car is sent to the dealership’s auto body shop or major collision center. These facilities will replace the damaged areas instead of repairing them. This is where the numbers shoot straight up and your bill is around $2,000.
This is your queue, this is when you want to be sure that you have your information out there so that these poor people can get it repaired by a Professional PDR Technician, you. Make sure in your marketing that you are clear that you can help them repair their lease return vehicles.

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