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Insurance Company's Being Sued For Short Pays And More Part III

The more of us that stand up to this, the better we will survive in our business. For this very reason, I have chosen not to work with insurance. After being completely ripped off, my response was to deny service. I should have and still may, file a lawsuit.
The Mississippi Collision Repair Association, along with a number of its affiliated body shops, filed last summer to block State Farm’s PartsTrader electronic parts procurement mandate for its Select Service shops; a Tennessee shop accused Progressive of steering and under payment at the end of 2013; and an Ohio MSO alleged short pays from State Farm just this last March.
Another suit was filed by a shop owner in Florida, to block State Farm PartsTrader initiative, and a suit was filed out of Indiana on behalf of a number of shops. If you have saved all of the proof of non-payment or short payment, you too should think about filing a suit. Why not? Go ahead and shake up the cart because it is shaken so hard now that it makes no difference. There will be no retaliation, which most were afraid of. Why not join the bandwagon and try to get back what you lost and at the same time hold the insurance company’s to the fire?
Operating under a dictatorship isn’t something that we haven’t seen before. It is however, something that we shouldn’t have to operate under anymore. The outrage is nationwide and you have excellent resources and other body shops that will stand behind you from beginning to end. Don’t be surprised, as these wildfires spread throughout our industry, if you have an Attorney knocking on your door asking if you have considered filing a lawsuit. If I was an Attorney, I would be all over this, responding proactively to a major, hidden injustice.
Don’t bury your head, get back what belongs to you!

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