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Insurance Company's Being Sued For Short Pays And More Part II

There are many lawsuits being filed against insurers on behalf of the collision repair industry. I have to say that it is about time. The collision repair industry should not be made to serve under a dictatorship. This type of bullying should have been stopped long ago. The way that our society has evolved to one of absolute transparency, it surprises me sometimes that the collision industry has allowed this to go on. A lot of it is because for the most part, we have been groomed to feel as though the insurance companies are the Lord of the land and we have minimal if any choices but to go along with whatever they dictate. Many have worried that if they shake the cart they may soon discover that the angry bees will come out and attack. Well, in my opinion, the bees are attacking and most of us have not shaken the cart. So in the end, if the result is the same no matter what you do, then why not shake the cart? We need to stand up for ourselves and demand attention and recognition for the hardships that have been bestowed on us. Up until now, we can wait up to a year to receive payment from the insurance company’s and when we do get the check it’s not nearly what it should be. I got a check once, after waiting eight months, and it was a quarter of what it should have been and I had no recourse. Basically, I did several jobs for free. That’s a very hard pill to swallow. Between labor and parts, I was completely out of pocket.
It’s encouraging to hear that this is the latest of a recent string of lawsuits filed on behalf of the collision repair industry against insurers.

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