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How Important is Social Media to Collision Repair? Part III

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You can appear savvy without having to do much to get there. Your most successful social media outlets for your small collision repair business will be Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Your recipe for success is relatively simple; post to Google+ at least two to three times a week, on Facebook, only once or twice a week and on Twitter, two to three times a day.
To some of you this may be a little overwhelming because on any given day, you can’t be sure that you will have the time and once the day has ended, all that you can think about is putting up your feet and relaxing. Then for you, and many, many others like you, choose a day of relative quietness, and create your posts for the week. Then you will simply use a scheduling program like Buffer to post them on the days you choose. It could be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Whichever your choice, you don’t have to be bothered with it until the following Sunday when you start all over again. Simple, manageable steps will grow your business and create an environment of success.
There are also measuring tools that can help you to take a look at how successful your efforts have been. I would take a look at these tools on a quarterly basis so that you can see how over time, your business has been successful. You should also ask each new customer how they found you, just in case it isn’t obvious.
Finally, remain diligent in your responses to queries or quote requests. If you don’t, you have defeated the purpose of your social media efforts, and potential customers will simply look online for someone who will respond. You are being graded on a daily and quite possibly hourly basis. Don’t fail. It takes minutes if not seconds, for a potential customer to slander you publicly for being negligent. The kiss of death for your business.

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