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Hailstorms, PDR Technology And Training Have What In Common? You! Part I

hailstorm damage
With the hail storms upon us, this may be a good time to put more of a focus on the PDR technicians and the technology they use to solve the issues. PDR Technicians are the perfect solution because often times, a car will suffer from minor but multiple small dents. When the hail is 1″ or less, and the car gets stuck in traffic when the hailstorm begins, there’s just no choice but to sit where you are and watch the nightmare unfold. The pelting is angry and you’re pretty sure you made God mad for this to happen, but there are all the cars around you, perhaps someone else caused the anger and you’re just stuck receiving the same punishment. Makes no difference really, you’re here and your stuck.
Hail that is over one inch will generally, if not definitely, cause more damage than what can be done by a PDR Technician. You need to at least look at cars hit with these larger than life hail. Sometimes, depending on where their car was, the car is still manageable. But when it comes to hail large enough to smash out windows, this is beyond our scope. Generally the car is a total loss or the panels that are damaged need to be completely replaced.
PDR Technicians are the favored choice of insurers over the standard body shop. Most insurance companies have a list of their favorite PDR Technicians, or at least ones they have worked with before and will use special software to determine the damage and the repairs done. Most of these come from State Farm and there are some lawsuits around this favoritism, but in the meantime, if you like working with insurance companies and you are in fact able to recoup the cost of working on these vehicles from the insurance companies, then by all means, take advantage of the opportunity.

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