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Ford Motor Company; Cutting Edge Technologies Part II

Ford new paint
The new paint process uses less energy and water, and reduces carbon dioxide and particulate emissions compared with conventional paint processes. The reduction in paint and energy consumed is expected to result in 9,500 tons fewer carbon dioxide emissions and a 35-ton savings in particulate emissions on an annual basis. A dry scrubber system will help save more than 10.5 million gallons of water. Overall, the system should save 48,000 megawatt hours of electrical power, enough electricity to power 3,400 homes.
The two-wet monocoat process uses a primer coat that requires only a few minutes of open-air drying time before the color coat is applied. The color coat is formulated with the same appearance and protection properties of the clearcoat, which eliminates the need for a separate clearcoat. The painted body is fully cured in an enamel oven after the color coat is applied. The total process removes one paint application step and one oven drying step when compared to conventional paint processes.
The new paint procedure is being used for white-colored vehicles, which account for 80 percent of Ford Transit production at Kansas City Assembly Plant. As each color must be developed uniquely for the two-wet monocoat process, other colors will be considered based on demand. A conventional three-wet process – primer, basecoat, clearcoat – remains in use for metallic-colored vehicles.
I bring this news to you, PDR Technicians, because these are the very example of the things that should be paid attention to in your industry. This is a jump point for you to go and investigate how these paint changes affect you in your business. Ask yourself questions like “Will this paint be available for repairs?” and so many more. You are in a generation of technological changes that will forever be around going forward. There is absolutely no way to change this so you may as well get on-board with it.
Stay ahead of these changes and you will not only have an easier go of your business but will be able to offer these cutting edge technologies to your customer base.

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