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Distracted Driver's, Mannequins and Collision Repair; Yikes! Part I

It should come as no surprise really that America has become the poster child for distracted driving. It’s also no surprise that while we don’t want to see anyone hurt, not ever, the distractions increase business for the collision repair specialist. As long as people cannot get away from the texting, drinking and eating in their cars or staring at something they shouldn’t be, there will be no shortage of work.
How many times have you seen car after car pileup on one another as a result of staring at another car accident? Or what of a beautiful woman walking past? God forbid a Starbucks coffee tips over during a quick stop. Chances are the driver isn’t going to stop. I’m not sure if the concern is the upholstery or the fact that they just spent $10 on their favorite drink, either way, it can be fatal.
The one that always blows my mind are the texters or those that are on a phone call; especially if the phone slips out of their hand and they start bending over trying to reach for it. Seriously? Another, and I’m sure you’ve seen it, a woman putting on her makeup in the rear view mirror. Don’t laugh too hard guys because men will shave in that same mirror.
So many distractions and so many accidents. Can it really be considered an accident if a driver chooses to do these things? There is a choice and if a person chooses to partake in this extracurricular activity, then I think it falls out of the accident label and swiftly moves to plain unadulterated stupidity.

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