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Distracted driver

Distracted Driver's, Mannequins and Collision Repair; Yikes! Part III

I say, if the city or town is going to allow such a store to move into their community, which why shouldn’t they? Then they should expect that their marketing will be out of the box and not at all conservative. Do we really have to give driving lessons to the easily distracted? If so, again, how do we teach control over distraction? It would come with the same impossible burden of teaching someone a sense of urgency. It can’t be taught, you either have it or you don’t. Simple.
Distractions! Eight accidents since June 12th? This is ridiculous people! What the heck is wrong with us that we abandon all sense of responsible driving because of mannequins? If it’s that much of an interest, then park your car and go stare at the display through the window. Why do people have to take a potentially fatal machine and allow it free reign while they take a looksee at the display?
So this is the problem, what is the solution? Usually, we work very hard to offer up a solution. Millions of people go online just to complain about anything and everything, as we’ve already discussed. If laws about texting aren’t working, then what hope is there to change these horrible distracted habits? Maybe Google is onto something when developing hands-free vehicles. As hard as that concept is, it is far better than the alternative. In the meantime, don’t feel bad about being an ambulance chaser. If you see the accident or act of stupidity, give your business card to the dummy that caused the accident and don’t forget to give it to the person that suffered at the hands of the distracted driver. The distracted driver may not want to talk about it now, who would? It’s embarrassing. They will however, want to talk about it soon.
Why shouldn’t you gain from these glaring errors? If not you, then who?

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