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Distracted Driver's, Mannequins and Collision Repair; Yikes! Part II

So to my point, here is a story that I picked up from Body Shop Business.
An Oklahoma City storefront is allegedly contributing to a slew of recent car crashes, a local news station reports.
According to local police, there have been eight crashes in the area surrounding Hustler Hollywood since its opening on June 12. The store displays a few scantily-clad mannequins in its window, which some locals find distracting.
“I just had a minor fender bender looking at the mannequins in the window of the new Hustler Hollywood store,” a resident said in an email to KOCO 5 News. “We both (drivers) agreed that it was going to cause a lot of accidents.”
However, many drivers disagree.
“You see worse things walking in the mall and in the movies,” said Diane Ray Sanders, a local resident. “Tell distracted drivers to look at what’s going on in traffic and stop worrying about everything else.”
Hustler Hollywood says it has no plans to remove the mannequins from the storefront.
Why should they? Should their marketing strategy, no matter how provocative, suffer because people can’t get their driving act together? In a society where everything has to be politically correct, where do we sanely draw the line? And while I’m on the subject, just a little rant here, who decided that these complainers were God? Why are we allowing these people to determine what is acceptable? The longer we try to ignore these people, the more we give them free reign to terrorize on our society and the more empowered they become. We need to shut them down people! Most are mean spirited and are not concerned about the wellbeing of society as a whole. They are concerned about having a voice, no matter how awful, and leading us through intimidation and shock. In truth, they are weak and shallow, hiding behind their computer screens and not being accountable for anything that flows from their tiny, angry little minds.

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