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When Creating A Blog, What You Should Do Before Hitting Publish #3

Whatever you do, be sure that you are using a voice that will be understood by your readers. You don’t need to go all Shakespeare on the world, just be yourself. You already have the gift of speaking the language because it’s something that you love. Speak to that, you will be better received by your soon to be large following if you stay true to who you are and what you’re sharing. Remember, you’re offering a solution to your reader’s perceived problems. You are the new Go To guy, and only good things come from that.
Another good piece of advice is to not worry so much about being the first one who gets the news about the newest biggest thing out there. You should never feel pressured to keep your ear to the ground to make the big discovery. You will find that waiting and understanding the big new thing will work for you much better. First of all you will get lost in the shuffle and the next concern is that it may not be all that great. There will be no shame in your game if you discover that the next Thing caused more harm than good. Watch and wait, it takes the pressure off of you and gives the new discovery the time needed to determine its value.
Make sure that you add a visual for your readers in the form of a picture or video, or both. People are driven by pictures and if you are telling a story about how to take dents out of a sports car, or how much damage a hailstorm can cause, these things lend themselves well to a persons need for visual stimulation. Take a look at sites like Pinterest which is completely based on visual excitement or stimulation. We love picture stories.
As a brand you need to demonstrate that you are listening to your readers, that you truly care about what they care about. This will lay the ground work for ongoing engagement, which is, or should be, your ultimate goal.

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