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When Creating A Blog, What You Should Do Before Hitting Publish #2

When creating your blog, you will want to know who you are targeting. There are a couple of thoughts on this and one is to target those that have expressed a pain point. This will require you to do some homework and follow many sites to hear what others are hearing within your targeted industry. Another method that sounds absolutely crazy at first is to target your competitors. There are those that say that targeting their competitors is the fastest way to get what you have to say out on the wire. Your competitors will copy your words and links and decide what they will post on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. They will send what you have to say even though it links back to you because it’s a piece of gold and they didn’t have to spend the time writing it or researching for it, you did that for them.
Another simple and creative way to get your content out there is to mention competitors in your post. Perhaps only one at a time though. Say you noticed a post that your competitor wrote and you really liked it. It spoke to exactly what you were trying to convey. Instead of reinventing the wheel, mention them in your post. This will go a long way with the competitor and they will send it to all of their own customers and business acquaintances. If they should have 200,000 followers can you even imagine what that means for you? What if they use your post in their next post? The exposure is endless and you have made a friend or friends in your own industry.
There will be one more post to finish with the last of these ideas of what to do or not do before you hit publish. Here at “The Ding King Training Institute” we are committed to your success so be sure to follow every post to gain valuable information to help your business grow. If you haven’t signed up for classes yet, what are you waiting for?

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