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Collision Repairers Vs. Insurance Company's: How To Get Paid Part I

The problem for many body shops and PDR technicians is that customers are unwilling to pay for their portion of the job after the insurance company has paid theirs. There are many PDR technicians that have developed relationships with insurance damage assessor’s and who have, up until now or recently, had no issues getting paid for services rendered on a vehicle.
As of late, body shop owners are concerned about this process because the customer is simply refusing to make their payment so the vehicle sits inside the shop for a month or more. This can happen to a PDR technician if they were working on the vehicle inside their own personal garage.
So the question becomes, “What are the options?” How can everyone get what they want?
There really is only one, maybe one and a half solutions available to you both in the body shop and outside by PDR technicians. Who’s your boss? Who are you working for? The insurance companies or your customer, the vehicle owner? For some, finding the solution to the vehicles you are already stuck with that are taking up prime real estate either in your shop or home garage, may have to rely on the court system to relieve their pain. Going forward you may have to re-evaluate the direction you are taking and put a new set of by-laws or contract together that protects you, your shop, and your workers.
Clearly, up until now, the objective was to get in bed with the insurance companies to get the business that they provide. However, times are tough and insurers are having to cut back as much as possible in order to make any type of a profit. The bottom line, unfortunately, means that those performing the service and the customers getting the service done are left holding the bag.
Follow me to Part II where we will finish up.

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