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Collision Repairers Vs. Insurance Company's: How To Get Paid Part II

With the insurance companies you would have had to sign a DPR agreement. Once signed, you are essentially working for the insurance company jumping through their hoops and performing jobs at the new and very low cut-throat rates.
If you rely primarily on the members of your community for the bulk of your work, then you are quite fortunate in that all you will need to do is to come up with a very well written repair authorization and/or contract that clearly states your business practices, philosophies, and doctrines that will ensure that your policies are to be followed and understood before signing off. You can find many sample documents online or hire a contract content writer to help you outline the points that your contract should address to avoid any misconceptions. This contract may be the only thing that protects your business and all that serve it. This contract is much like the contracts that have helped many corporations become and remain successful.
Your main objective with your well laid out contract will discourage unnecessary delays and poor behavior as well as encourage payment of billings in a timely manner. Your contract should meet your state’s guidelines and provide methods of assessing fees and costs for storage and administrative fees as well as lien notifications in the event of contract default or non-payment issues. If you are a PDR technician and you travel outside of your state to do repairs, you should have a contract for working in different states that follow their regulations. Your contract should also include stall tie-up fees and any other fees that you feel are appropriate to garner the desired results.
You will find that many states have mandated guidelines when it applies to automotive repair authorizations. However, few, if any limit a repairer from including additional mandates, caveats and agreements between the repairer and their customers.

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