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Paint Polishing: How To Make Money One Shine at a Time

Sadly, some cars just need a makeover, a facial that ends up returning the car to its natural factory release luster. It’s not often that it’s just a little shine that a car needs, usually there are dents that need to be removed as well. You can easily up-sell your services by pointing out to

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Dealer Lot1
Paint Repair

How To Price Your Services

Pricing your services is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy auto appearance repair business.  While every business wants to be competitive, you don’t want to price yourself out of the ballpark, nor out of business. Therefore, you should always consider all factors before developing a pricing proposal for any customer, particularly if you’re

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Total Recon
Paint Repair

TOTAL RECON: A Profitable Business with Low Overhead

I’ve assisted a lot of small business owners develop a one-stop-shop auto appearance business with The Ding King’s TOTAL RECON package and believe it to be one of the lowest overhead businesses available! Being able to operate on either a fixed or mobile basis certainly lends itself to having a low overhead. Top that with

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