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Cars Lose Value When There Is Interior Damage



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At “The Ding Kings Training Institute” we offer a solution to interior damage. Our training is the most comprehensive and thorough package available.
Ding King provides an easy to learn two day training that covers every type of interior damage such as weather damage to a dashboard as well as normal wear and tear to the armrest, seat, headliner, headrest, or door panel, and more. Ding King’s Interior Repair System allows for consistent and quality repairs every time. Your time is money and that is why the Ding King makes its Interior Repair System and Training Program top-quality, seamless and easy-to-use.
You will learn how to work with an Auto Match Pigment Toner Set that comes with forty-five of the most common interior trim colors which makes your job fast and accurate. The colors are so exact that you will not have to mess with any messy mixing and potential spills. After all, you’re a PDR Technician not a rocket scientist, so there’s no need to have taken several chemistry classes and have a home built lab in your garage.
The Ding King provides you with a custom carrying case to keep you organized and to provide you with a polished professional image when presenting yourself in front of your potential customers. You will receive everything you need to get off on the right foot and to repair and refinish interior damage such as:

  • Rips, tears and burns in vinyl, leather, and velour
  • Interior and exterior plastics
  • Interior carpets and seats can be re-dyed and restored to “like-new” conditions

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by adding this industry strong extension of the Paintless Dent Removal system to your list of revenue generating courses offered to you when you sign up for training. Call now to secure your spot in the next classes available.

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